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Buy an Area Call Local Camberley 01276 80 Telephone Number

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Callsure Business Telephone Numbers supplies Telephone Numbers for Businesses in the UK and across the world.

One of our most popular services is our Area Call Telephone Number Service.

The Area Call Telephone Number Service allows businesses in one part of the United Kingdom to have a Telephone Number in another Part of the United Kingdom.


An Example of this service is that a business is physically located in Manchester but wants to attract customers from the Camberley Area. Calls to the Camberley Telephone Number would be diverted to the Office or Home Landline Number of the Business based in Manchester.

Who would benefit from an Area Call Local Camberley Phone Number?

  • Businesses who wish to attract customers local to the Camberley area of the United Kingdom would benefit most from this service.

  • You may also require an Area Call Local Camberley Telephone Number if you are running a home based business in Camberley and do not want to publish your home number to clients.

  • Startup Businesses who are expanding and likely to move premises can utilise our Area Call Local Camberley Telephone Numbers, as you can take the phone number with you wherever you move to.

  • Local Businesses in Camberley who want to run marketing campaigns and be able to measure the response through the monthly reports.


Setup Fee: £15
Monthly Service: Fee: £5
Diversion Cost: 3 pence per minute (per second billing) diverted to UK Landlines
Limitations: This Service will only divert to a UK Landline, if you wish to divert to a UK mobile, or an International Destination click here

Minimum Contract: 12 months
Billing Method:
Credit Card, or Direct Debit

Buy Area Call Local UK Telephone Numbers

Can I choose my Number?

Unfortunately No, there is a very limited supply of numbers available, and we must issue the next available number issued to us.

What is the Telephone Number Format?

The Camberley Area Call Number format is: 01276 80 xxxx

Which areas and exchanges does the Camberley STD Code cover?

Click Here to see details (a new window will open)

How Can the Camberley Telephone Number be Utilised?

  • We recommend this service for companies who are considering advertising in Business to Business directories (e.g. Business Pages, KellySearch etc.) or Business to Consumer Directories (e.g. Yellow Pages, or Thomson Local) that are published in the Camberley area.

  • We also recommend this service for use in Local Online Directories in the Camberley Area (,, and etc.)

  • Companies based outside the Camberley area can advertise an Area Call Local Camberley number on websites, stationery, invoices, marketing literature and other advertising media. (Vehicles, billboards, business cards etc.)

Where can I divert my Local Camberley Phone Number?

You can divert your Camberley Phone Number to any UK Landline

Can I divert to a Mobile Number or to an International Destination?

Should you want to divert calls to either your Mobile or to a destination outside the United Kingdom you will need to purchase a Gateway Telephone Number that allows you initially to divert calls to a UK Landline, but then the Gateway number cleverly diverts the call to wherever you want to in the world. Click Here to Sign Up for a Gateway Telephone Number.

Alternatively you can divert an Area Call Local Camberley Telephone to your existing Landline Number in the UK, and then use the BT Divert service to divert calls to your Mobile Phone or to an International Destination.

Buy Area Call Local UK Telephone Numbers

Which other Local Telephone Numbers do you Offer?

We offer over 300 other towns and cities in the UK, please choose from the list below:Alphabetical Town Listings:





Buy Area Call Local UK Telephone Numbers

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